Infinite Campus FAQ

What is Infinite Campus?
Infinite Campus (IC) is Twin Valley's new student system.  The previous student system was eSchoolPlus, and the parent portal was called Home Access Center (HAC).  Now that we have introduced Infinite Campus to the district, the parent portal is called Campus Parent.

Why would I access Infinite Campus/Campus Parent?
Campus Parent will give parents/guardians access to their student's information including schedules, grades, attendance etc.  Parents will also have the ability to update certain pieces of information.  Those windows of opportunity will be announced.

What if I never received a link to create an account?
Chances are the email we have for you is not valid, or it changed. Updates to email addresses can be submitted to your child's building office. The window for creating accounts will remain open through September. If you believe your email account is valid, please click the "Forgot Username" link on the login page to begin the process of verifying your email account. The login link is found on our website by clicking the Parent link at the upper right, or you can click here to LOGIN.

Please also check your Spam folder.  The email address that sends the account is from "" (not Twin Valley directly).

Some email carriers may block email if they suspect the email is spam.  You may need to contact your email carrier if this is a possibility (e.g.,, etc)

How do I login to Campus Parent?
The link to login can be found under the Parent link at the upper right of our website.

Can I change my phone number?
Yes you can! Start by clicking the user menu at the top right (the little person icon) and select Settings, then Contact Preferences.  Make any changes you need to your phone number and make sure to click Save once you are finished.

How do I print-out my child's schedule?
Once you login, click Reports, then select "Schedule".  The schedule will appear in a pop-up window in PDF format with an option to Print.

When will information be available to view in Infinite Campus?
For the start of the year, schedules and busing information will be made available as soon as the buildings have finished scheduling. Each building may be different in the scheduling process, so it will not be unusual for buildings to release that information on different dates leading up to the start of the school year.