Bus Stop Change Request

How to Change a Bus Stop 
Complete this form: Bus Stop Change Request Form

Once the transportation department receives your request the Transportation Supervisor will review the request and you will be notified once a determination is made.  

Changing your address
Moving out of the district: Notify Your Child’s School and they will notify the transportation department as to when transportation can stop.

Moving within the district: It is important that you notify your child's school with the appropriate information concerning your pending move. No changes to transportation can take place until proper verification of residency has been established by the school. Please contact your child’s school with change of address information. The building your child attends will provide the necessary information for a bus assignment change.  Please note bus assignment changes may take up to 1 working week to be in effect.   

Parents must realize that bus stop assignments cannot be customized to meet every individual need and still be part of an efficient and economical  transportation system. 

In developing student bus stop locations a number of factors are considered:

We route school buses in the most efficient manner consistent with State law and School Board guidelines regarding establishment of safe school bus stops.

Realizing there are conflicting issues involved with school bus stop locations, the factors utilized in establishing a new stop or reviewing a current location involve:

1. Examining potential safety issues at the waiting/loading zone.

2. Student access to the bus stop.

3. Visibility at the stop location for passing motorists.

4. Maintaining School District policy.

5. Maintaining State mandated distance for activation of the school bus 8-way warning lights and stop signs.

6. Due to the danger inherent in the backing of school buses, bus routes and stop location will be established to preclude the necessity of having buses back up.

7. Routes are designed to avoid bus travel into cul-de-sacs, dead ends or dirt roads.

8. Buses will not be routed into developments until the roads have been dedicated and the written dedication is received by the Transportation Department. Then a determination to enter and transverse will be made based on whether vehicles or objects hinder the safe travel through the development.

9. Recognize that school bus stops, on the district’s heavily traveled roads and highways, may present a hazard for students as well as the motoring public. The Transportation Department attempts to make these stops door side stops to prevent the students from crossing the roadway.

10. Requested bus stop MUST be an established stop servicing the school of attendance.

School Bus Drivers are not permitted to change stop locations. Drivers who stop at locations other than those established by the Board are in violation of Board policy and the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code. This violation subjects the driver to department disciplinary action as well as the issuance of a citation and fine for violating the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code.

The District cannot consider factors that are associated with individual family and/or parental situations.  Such concerns are expected to be resolved by the family, parent, or guardian. 

¨ Parent not being able to see child walking to bus stop and/or waiting at bus stop.

¨ Neighborhood feuds or conflicts with nearby residents.

¨ Change in parent's work schedule.

¨ Parent not able to walk to bus stop with child because of other obligations.