Bus PicThe purpose of the Transportation Department is to provide safe and efficient transportation to all eligible students consistent within the requirements of federal law, state law and school district policy.

The Twin Valley Transportation Department is responsible for transporting over 3,600 students per day to over 40 different buildings/programs. The student programs include our district buildings, vocational programs, non-public schools and special education programs. Our bus service is contracted with Eshelman's Transportation and George Krapf Jr. & Sons. The 2 bus contractors operate 66 vehicle to service Twin Valley School District. Over the course of the school year, those 66 vehicles travel over 1,234,700 miles.

2021-22 School Year: Below are the district online forms for Transportation Opt-out, Daycare and Shared Custody Transportation Need Forms. 
**These bus assignments do not  carry over from the previous school year.**

Transportation Opt-Out: If you prefer to transport your child/children in place of utilizing District transportation services, complete the Transportation OPT-OUT Form below. If you commit to providing transportation for your child/children and find at a later date that you are unable to continue to do so, transportation can be reinstated during the school year. 
 Transportation OPT-OUT FORM

Transportation Needs for Daycare: Does your child utilize an in-District day care location and will require transportation to and from that location in place of your home residence?
Transportation for DAYCARE NEED FORM

Transportation Needs for Shared CustodyDoes your family have a shared custody arrangement that require an alternating, weekly, transportation assignment?



Cindy Mather
Transportation Supervisor
610-286-8600 option 6

Felicia Burnish