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Negative Balance Info

The Student Cafeteria Negative Balance Procedure: The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) does not allow the carry forward of negative balances on cafeteria accounts. The internal controls of the Twin Valley School District require the District to address negative balances during the course of the fiscal year. The following provides guidelines on handling negative balances on student cafeteria charge accounts.


  1. All students in the Twin Valley School District will be fed regardless of whether they have money on their account. When a student has a negative balance on their lunch account, the student will receive the NSLP meal offered for that day. They will not receive a la carte items.
  2. Cafeteria staff members provide accounting information to parents with negative balances. 
  3. Any parents or students expressing financial or other supportive needs are referred to their school administrative offices for assistance.
  4. Monthly reporting of negative balances are sent to principals monthly after the first month of school. Cafeteria administration sends communication to all parents of students with negative balances no less than bi-weekly. Principals evaluate all negative balances to determine if there are any special needs or if school staff can assist with the collection process. Cafeteria negative balances will be included in outstanding liability analyses for seniors. 
  5. The Twin Valley School District participates in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). This program is administered by the Cafeteria staff with the assistance of the school staff.
    1. In the first month of school, the Cafeteria administration manages the enrollment program for the NSLP. This will include District-wide communication and updating of system data.
    2. Cafeteria administration answers questions about applying for the program or the status of an application.
    3. During this enrollment period, schools receive negative balance reports and information about roll over students NSLP students that have not provided applications for the new year more frequently. Schools assist with communicating about the program during this period.