District Pandemic Plans and Resources

TVSD will use this page to provide information and resources as we reopen schools for the 20-21 school year. 

See below for the TVSD plan for school re-opening and answers to frequently asked questions from the parent survey:

2020-2021 School Re-opening


How will the district ensure that students make the academic progress that they should?
TVSD is planning a schedule that includes 5 full school days of normal, in-class instruction for all students.

Will the school year schedule change? Will a flex schedule be an option?
Based upon the current Federal and State guidance, TVSD is planning a schedule that includes 5 full school days of normal, in-class instruction for all students. TVSD is not currently considering a flex schedule. Implementing a flex schedule would require a reduction in instructional time, elimination of some elective courses, and present challenges for parents.

How will the district prepare for another closure should that happen?
The district is collaborating with surrounding districts and BCIU along with CDC, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Federal, State, and local agencies.

How will the learning environment be better if we have to return to online learning?
We continue to review program options and support our staff with professional development opportunities.

Will assessments and grades be used?
Grades will be in compliance with FAPE requirements as well as legal advice.

How can parents monitor students’ computer use (goguardian)?
Goguardian is a monitoring and filtering system and does have a parent access component.

How will the district support students with IEPs or 504 plans?
In accordance with FAPE requirements and legal advice.

How will special education evaluations take place?
Specific student concerns should be directed to your student’s teacher.

How will BCTC and TCHS students get the technical education they need to earn their certifications?
Career and Technology Center in collaboration with school districts are providing opportunities for students to finish their certifications.

How will the district teach “hands-on” learning during a shutdown?
To the extent possible with on-line learning.

How will band instruments be used safely?
In compliance with the Center for Disease Control

What steps is the district taking to ensure that students catch up from learning lost during the shutdown?
We will be implementing diagnostic assessments early in the school year to understand individual learning needs and design instruction to meet those needs. We continue to offer engagement and enrichment activities posted on our website and we encourage parents to explore these resources throughout the summer.

How will the district make school be as normal as possible? How will students’ social-emotional health be taken into account?
The district will strive to make our learning environment as normal as possibly while still complying with health and safety orders. Social-emotional learning is an important part of every classroom This summer, we will be providing additional training to our teachers in social-emotional learning. Outside of the classroom, we have increased our support for student’s social-emotional health through our child guidance and school counseling programs.

Will the district commit to using one platform? (Schoology, Google Classroom, Seesaw)
We use three platforms based upon students’ grade level.

Social Distancing:

What will social distancing look like in schools? (class, cafeteria, PE, recess, etc.)
TVSD will establish social distancing to the maximum extent feasible.
  • Classrooms: All extraneous furniture will be removed from classrooms to provide additional room to accommodate social distancing.

  • Cafeteria: Considering reconfiguration of lunch schedules to reduce the number of students present in the cafeteria at any given time.

  • Physical Education: All shared materials will be sanitized at least daily and in between uses to the maximum extent feasible. Lessons will be adjusted to focus on more drill-oriented activities and will be moved outdoors when practical.

  • Recess: All shared materials will be sanitized at least daily and in between uses to the maximum extent feasible. Students will wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer when reentering the building after recess.

How will teachers interact with my child?
All teachers and staff will comply with PA Department of Health guidance such as, social distancing and use of face coverings. TVSD recognizes the importance of the social and emotional well-being of students in the classroom environment and we will strive to make the learning environment as normal as possible.

How many students will be in a classroom?
The number of students in classrooms varies. TVSD would like to continue to provide our students a normal school day and access to the entire academic program. Reducing the number of students in a classroom would prevent TVSD from being able to offer a full instructional day or would require additional classrooms and faculty. Additionally, TVSD would be limited in the number of elective opportunities we would be able to offer to students.

How will the district protect my child from others that don’t practice social distancing?
All students and staff will be expected to comply with PA Department of Health orders.

Face Coverings: 

Will my child be required to wear a face covering?

All students and staff will be expected to comply with PA Department of Health Order 

Will the district provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face coverings?

Rather than require students to wear district issued masks, TVSD will allow students to wear any face covering that meets the PA Department of Health Order.


How will busing be impacted?

In compliance with current guidance, TVSD will limit the number of students on a bus to 48.  Students will be expected to wear face coverings.

Can I opt out of transportation and drive my students to school?  Will traffic patterns be able to accommodate more parents driving kids to school?

Yes.  We will work to coordinate traffic patterns.


What steps will the district take to clean and sanitize “high-touch” areas?

TVSD will clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects within the school at least daily, including desktops, chairs, electronic devices door handles, sink handles, etc.

What additional steps will the district take to sanitize schools?

TVSD will be taking a number of additional steps:

  • All non-essential furniture will be removed from schools.

  • TVSD will clean and disinfect restrooms at least daily.  All restrooms will be monitored throughout the day. 

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be positioned throughout the district.

  • TVSD will disconnect water fountains and alternative water sources will be provided.  TVSD has ordered touchless water bottle fillers to replace water fountains.

  • TVSD will implement 1-to-1 iPads in Kindergarten and Chromebooks in grades 1-4 to eliminate the sharing of devices among students.

Will schedules be changed to allow students time for handwashing?

Handwashing will be accommodated as needed.


How will the district notify parents of a confirmed COVID-19 case in one of our schools?

 TVSD will use the school messenger system to provide alerts and updates as guided by local health departments.  

How can parents support the district’s social distancing plan?

TVSD encourages parents to review the district plan and to talk with your child(ren) about the importance of physical distancing.

Online Instruction:

Will TVSD offer a full-time cyber option?

TVSD has established the Twin Valley Virtual Academy.  Additional information can be found on our website.

Will you offer a hybrid option of online and face-to-face learning?

No. We are planning on 5 full days of instruction per week.

Will students be allowed to transfer to cyber school if they contract COVID-19?

Should a student contract COVID-19 we will work together to develop the best possible learning program to meet that student’s needs.

General Health & Safety:

How will the decision be made should schools have to close?

TVSD will close if ordered to do so by state or local authorities.

What safeguards will be in place for my high-risk student?

Parents/Guardians concerned with higher risk for severe illness should contact Building Principals.

What should parents do if a child becomes ill?

Students should be kept home.  Chester County Health Department has issued helpful guidance to assist parents.  

How will the district handle when a staff member gets sick?  How will the district continue to provide education should a teacher be absent for an extended period?  How will the district protect teachers?

Staff members who become ill will notify their Building Principal, Human Resources Director and follow the Chester County Health Department guidance.  TVSD will continue to fill any short term or long term vacancy with a qualified teacher as required.  TVSD will provide professional development to all staff with regard to proper protocols for social distancing as well as health and safety practices. 

How will the district handle discipline issues relative to non-compliance with any new COVID-19 rules?

Students are expected to comply with the school Code of Conduct.

How will sports be affected?

TVSD has published a Health & Safety Plan specific to sports.  

Will the district use temperature screening at the entry of schools?

No.  Parents are requested to monitor their children’s general health.  Parents should keep students home if students exhibit any symptoms and follow health protocols outline by CDC and Chester County Health Department.

Will the district consult with health officials in creating the return to school plan?

Yes.  The district is including local health officials in creating our Health and Safety Plan for 2020-21 School Reopening.

How will internships be handled?

Internships will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

What would trigger another shutdown?  

A shutdown would be by the order of the Governor’s office or a local health authority.

What data will you monitor to make adjustments to the plan?

We will continue to monitor data from PA Department of Health, Center for Disease Control, and local agencies.