Child Care and Shared Custody Information

Child Care Arrangements

Transportation can be arranged to and from daycare, in accordance with the Twin Valley School District Policy No. 810.

A student may be transported to and from a daycare center, but the student’s baby sitter must live on an existing bus route. Bus stops will not be established outside the attendance area or outside school district boundaries.

 Arrangements for stops at a baby-sitter/Daycare location shall be the same Monday through Friday.  The bus assignment may be different for the morning or afternoon, but the changed assignment must be in effect for all days of the week. If you utilize one of the following daycare centers, bus transportation is provided to and from the center to the elementary centers as listed:

*Little Mates– HBEC, TVEC, RBEC
*Goddard School– HBEC, TVEC, RBEC
*Whole Child Learning Center– TVEC, RBEC
*Honey Brook Early Learning Center– HBEC


Split Custody Arrangements

To help accommodate split custody arrangements, students may have different morning and afternoon bus assignments.  However, the morning bus assignment must be the same Monday through Friday. As well as the afternoon bus assignment must be the same Monday through Friday.