Please refer to your child's student handbook​ for more detailed information regarding acceptable excuses and other school and district policies.  Links to all relevant forms are at the bottom of this page and available at the school's main office.

To report an absence parents/guardians are asked to call the school building main office...
HIGH SCHOOL - 610-286-8600 (call between 7:30-9am)

MIDDLE SCHOOL - 610-286-8660

HONEY BROOK - 610-273-3615

ROBESON - 610-582-9580

TWIN VALLEY EC - 610-286-8670

  • ABSENCE calls will be listed as a temporary excuse only.  It must be followed within three (3) days by a written excuse.
  • TARDIES to school are considered unexcused unless a written note from the parent/guardian is received no more than one (1) day after the tardy to school.
  • MEDICAL/DENTAL APPTS-Parents are urged to make appointments after school hours, if possible.
Parents are requested to come to the school office when picking up a child before regular school dismissal and sign them out.