Health Services

red crossTwin Valley Health Services supports the school aged student so they can achieve maximum potential to learn and focus on their education. During school, there will be an emphasis on maintaining good health and preventing spread of disease. For that reason, the school nurses' intervention will be limited to problems that happen during the school day and assisting students that have conditions that directly affect performance and participation in the classroom. The Twin Valley School District supports the requirements of the Commonwealth of the State of Pennsylvania by following their requirements for immunizations for school age children, physical and dental exams, and yearly health screenings.

The Department of Health requires every school aged child attending a public or private/non public school within the Commonwealth receive the following health services:

  • Medical Examination - kindergarten or first grade, sixth grade, and eleventh grade.  (Click here for the PHYSICAL FORM)
  • Dental Examination - kindergarten or first grade, third grade, and seventh grade. (Click here for the DENTAL FORM)
  • Growth Screen (height and weight) - all grades.
  • Vision Screen - all grades
  • Hearing Screen – kindergarten, first, second, third and seventh grades
  • Scoliosis Screen – sixth and seventh grades
  • Private/non-public schools may request these services from their local public school district.
  • Anaphylaxis Medication Order & Emergency Plan (Click here for form)
  • Authorization for Inhaler & Asthma Action Plan (Click here for form)
  • Authorization for School Medication Administration (Click here for form)
  • Seizure Action Plan (Click here for form)