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TVSD has implemented a new ALL HAZARDS EMERGENCY PLAN in our district this year. The plan was developed through the joint efforts of all 18 Berks County School Districts and in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies and the Berks County IU. One of the most important aspects of the plan is the Standard Response Protocol.

The Standard Response Protocol is based on four actions that students and staff take during an incident. Schools across the country are adopting a universal standard to enhance student and staff safety during an incident or emergency. This is an all hazard approach that can be implemented during any crisis. The key is that there is a simple, shared vocabulary between students, staff and first-responders.

Click on the link for an example of the Standard Response Protocol. Also, click here to view the poster that will be placed in our schools.

2-Hr Delay Schedules

Honey Brook, Robeson and Twin Valley Elementary Centers
Grades K-4 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Twin Valley Middle and Senior High Schools
Grades 5-6 11:00 - 3:30 PM
Grades 7-8 9:45 - 2:45 PM
Grades 9-12 9:50 - 2:52 PM

No Vo Tech

Buildings throughout the District will practice lock-down drills throughout the year to familiarize students with the procedures.

In a lockOUT, all students are brought into the building and classes are conducted as usual while keeping an increased situational awareness.  In a lockDOWN, students remain in class away from sight; all doors locked, lights out, maintain silence and await further direction.


There may be times the district will delay the opening of schools or close the schools entirely due to inclement weather, poor road conditions, or other unforeseen emergencies. When school is closed or delayed, the district will provide the earliest possible notification. The delayed opening will be announced or posted as follows:

Radio Stations: WRFY (102.5 FM), WIOV (105.1 FM/1240 AM), WRAW (1340 AM)
Television Stations: WGAL Channel 8 (Lancaster), WFMZ Channel 69 (Allentown), WPVI Channel 6 (Philadelphia)
Twin Valley Website: www.tvsd.org

All transportation (Public and non-public) will follow Twin Valley's schedule; e.g. when Twin Valley is closed, there will be no transportation for non-public schools; when the district has a 2-hour delay, all Twin Valley non-public schools will be on a 2-hour delay.

Please remember that you, as the parent/guardian, are the final decision as to whether it is safe for your child to attend school during inclement weather. There may be times when most of the roads are clear, however, your specific location is still hazardous. In such cases, please keep your child home, and send a letter the next day indicating that the absence was due to hazardous conditions. Your child will receive an excused absence for that day.