Middle School

This page contains the  Twin Valley School District Middle School curriculum for language arts, math, science, social studies, and related arts.
Middle level language arts is taught through balanced literacy.  Teachers employ a  workshop approach to conduct whole group, small group, and independent reading and writing lessons . 
Fifth and sixth grade mathematics is taught using Every Day Math.  This program focuses on problem solving and developing math concepts. Seventh, and eighth grade mathematics utilizes CPM Math.  Seventh grade is a Pre-Algebra curriculum, and eighth grade includes 8 Grade Math or Algebra 1.
Science and Social Studies are integrated  following a scope and sequence of topics while integrating reading and writing strategies into the content area instruction.  Science is enhanced through the use of FOSS and Delta Education Science Kits.  Social Studies uses a wide variety of trade books and e-textbooks related to the topics studied including many primary source documents.