Twin Valley School District Alumni Hall of Fame

      2019 Alumni Hall of Fame Presentation
      The TVHS Alumni recognized for 2019 were:
       • Gregg Eshelman, class of  1975
       • Charles Glass, class of 1977
       • Gary McEwen, class of 1973
       • Terry (Favinger) McEwen, class of 1971
The 2020 Alumni Hall of Fame Presentation was not held due to COVID-19.  
      The TVHS Alumni recognized for 2020 were:
       • Brent Hurley, class of 1997
       • Chad Hurley, class of 1995
       • Lynn Kemper, class of 1958
       • Terry Weiler, class of 1966

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2021 Alumni Hall of Fame (Nomination form)