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Our Distinguished Alumni represent the characteristics that we all hold in high esteem and hope to instill in our future graduates here in the Twin Valley School District. We believe that Twin Valley has become an outstanding school district in part because of our Distinguished Alumni!

Twin Valley Alumni Hall of Fame

Each year the Distinguished Alumni will be added to the Alumni Hall of Fame “tree” located in the Twin Valley School District offices. Thanks to our TVHS students for their work in creating this tribute!

The following individuals have been inducted into the Twin Valley School District Alumni Hall of Fame:

     • Gregg Eshelman, Class of 1975
     • Charles Glass, Class of 1977
     • Gary McEwen, Class of 1973
     • Terry (Favinger) McEwen, Class of 1971
     • Brent Hurley, Class of 1997
     • Chad Hurley, Class of 1995
     • Lynn Kemper, Class of 1958
     • Terry Weiler, Class of 1964
     • Mark Hartz, Class of 1996
     • Craig D. Fair, Class of 1988
     • Dr. Kimberly Wright Cassidy, Class of 1981
     • Pamela Shupp Menet, Class of 1981
     • Scott Haddock, Class of 1980
     • Rita Haddock, Class of 1985

Nominations for the 2022 Alumni Hall of Fame are open until February 14, 2022.