Snacks are to be simple healthy choices that can be enjoyed while working; therefore, students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to school each day.  Snacks are meant to be “fuel” for our brains while we work.
  • Confirm with your child's teacher as to whether they are a nut-free classroom.
  • Please refrain from sending sugary snacks as well as those that require utensils.
  • Students may enjoy one (1) healthy snack (candy is not permitted as a snack).
  • Fruits and vegetables make a great snack.
  • Students may also bring a bottle with a tight fitting lid filled with water.  No other liquids, please.
  • Students should refrain from bringing yogurt tubes.
  • Check with your child's teacher to confirm when your child will be allowed to eat their snack.


Birthdays are exciting times for every child.  We love to celebrate birthdays -- please consider the following before celebrating your child's birthday in school:
  • Please notify your child's teacher prior to sending in any treats with your child so that we can confirm the number of students in the class as well as if there are any known allergies.
  • Party invitations may NOT be delivered at school unless every child in the class is invited to the party.
  • Please restrict birthday treats to finger foods or foods prepared in single servings. 
  • Send in napkins or paper towels along with the treat.