The message below was sent to Barry Dewitt, union representative on February 26, 2019. 

We discovered that there were errors on the Support Staff Hourly Rate proposal submitted with the Final Best Offer.  Errors were made on the last row of the hourly rate spreadsheet.  I am attaching a corrected copy.  The Secretary position’s hourly rate should have been adjusted to $19.35/hour to keep Tier 1 hourly higher than the other tiers and the Tier 4 ISS monitor hourly rate is adjusted so that it does not reflect a decrease in the hourly rate.

Board members are hearing from members of the support staff that they did not have the opportunity to vote and if given the opportunity, would have voted to Accept the Offer.  The members also are telling the Board members that they were satisfied with the Offer but were encouraged by peers to reject the Offer.

The Board has asked me to request that you and your negotiation team take the Final Best Offer with the corrected hourly rates to the membership for a re-vote.  The Administration will make available a large enough space to hold the vote during the school week and give the second shift time prior to their shift to work.

If you and your team are unwilling to take back for a second vote, then I recommend that we contact the Mediator to set up dates to go back to the negotiations table.

        Please let me know your team’s position.

Barry responded that the union wants to begin negotiations again and also stated he had no authority to take the Final Best Offer for a re-vote. 
Posted by KHARPLE On February 26, 2019 at 3:46 PM