Comprehensive Plan

Thursday Evenings: April 19 and April 26, 2018
The next meetings of the TVSD Comprehensive Planning Committee will be held Thursday, April 19, and Thursday, April 26, 2018 from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Twin Valley High School. Parents, students, educators, business partners, post-secondary partners, and board members are invited to participate.

Sub-committees will meet in the following rooms of the Twin Valley High School Building:

Mission/Vision/Communication/Community - TVHS Library
Technology - TVHS Room 204
Teaching and Learning - TVHS Room 201
Structures of Learning - District Conference Room
Security/Safety - TVHS Room 108
Student Wellness - TVHS Room 112

Participants will have an opportunity to give input to the district representatives in the area of comprehensive planning for future educational programming. We look forward to working together to benefit the students of the Twin Valley School District.

Please RSVP to if you are able to join us.

sunrise on tvsdMission Statement
Twin Valley School District promotes a supportive, challenging, and collaborative learning environment for today's students.

Vision Statement
Every student, Every day

Shared values

We believe that making decisions should focus first on the education and welfare of our students.

We believe that cultivating strong relationships, mutual respect, and trust throughout the educational community where parents are viewed as partners and active stake holders in the educational process establishes a foundation for developing collaborative citizens.

We believe that creating a welcoming and supportive environment that allows and encourages independent exploration and risk-taking creates good citizens who have respect, integrity and work ethic.

We believe that providing a safe and nurturing learning environment is necessary for celebrating diversity, creating a shared sense of community, and focusing on the importance of the whole child.

We believe that promoting a safe and supportive educational environment where all members of the learning community are valued encourages positive risk-taking and develops critical thinking skills.

We believe that providing an environment that encourages teachers and administrators to develop and implement creative and innovative teaching practices through collaboration with varied stake holders advances student learning opportunities.

We believe that fostering/creating an intrinsic learning/teaching culture leads to academic rigor and challenges students at all levels.

We believe that fostering a love for learning occurs through high expectations, and relevant and active learning opportunities.

We believe that designing curriculum that represents universality and flexibility will promote the development of students who achieve high expectations and who become collaborative, engaged citizens.

We believe that using technology in a responsible way aids education, and provides the opportunity for students to learn problem-solving and communication with a  purpose.

We believe that meetings all students' needs through appropriately challenging them, and providing purpose through relevant and rigorous opportunities both in and outside of school will allow each student to reach his/her own personal potential.

Plan Documents